I recently watched again the Sherlock series on Netflix and one of the things I love the most is that it’s set in contemporary London, in many of the places where I daily stroll around.



Of course, the place you can see better in the series is Marylebone, where the legendary Sherlock house is located, at number 221b of Baker Street.



If like me you are Sherlock addicted this could already be a valid reason to visit the neighborhood, but, actually, Marylebone is much much more than this and it’s one of my favorite London villages, full of hidden treasures.


Marylebone High Street


Marylebone is one of those Villages in London that, despite being in the center of the town, just behind Oxford Street, maintains its character of a small village, with Main Street, vintage shops, local restaurants.



The main street is very nice and elegant with many historical, elegant and particular shops.



There are many indipendent shops, both clothing and food (Paul Rothe & Son for example), but also pubs, cafes, elegant restaurants with “al fresco” tables.



One of my favorite window displays is VV Rouleaux hat shop, very popular not only during the Ascot season, which always has original and fun creations to look at.



Then, here as in many other residential neighborhoods in London, there are a lot of charity shops that really worth a visit.



As I already said, in the international and creative cities like London, there are many charity shops where, with a bit of luck, there are second-hand pieces of excellent quality and brands.



And of course, in posh neighborhoods like Marylebone, due to the donors, the chances of finding branded garments (perhaps a Burberry trench coat) at very convenient prices are real.



Since I live in London, half of the things you see me wearing in the photos are from charity shops actually (and I’m very proud of that).


Wallace Collection


The Wallace Collection is a delightful little museum with one of the most refined and precious collections of objects you can found in town.



The rooms themselves are beautiful, and give you the feeling of entering one of those old English Mansions that you can see in the movies.



There are paintings, vases, cameos, jewelry, tea sets, prints and antiques of all kinds.



Admission to the permanent collection is free, as in almost all London museums.



Often the museum hosts exhibitions that add value to the visit (these can sometimes be for a fee), and which benefit greatly from being hosted in those wonderful rooms.



Such as, for example, the Manolo Blahnik Exhibition in 2019, which you see in the photo above.



Inside there is also a very nice Cafeteria, where you can stop for a lunch or an Afternoon Tea, (where it’s nice to go even if you don’t want to visit the museum).


Sherlock Holmes Museum


Of course, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, located at the very famous 221b of Baker Street, worth a visit.



The only inconvinient is that there is always a long queue to enter the Museum, so you must be patient.



The same for the wax museum, Madame Tussaud, which is located nearby.



I am not a fan of wax Museum, but if this is your thing, you can perhaps plan to see both of them by getting tickets online.


To eat in Marylebone


Finally, if you want to stop by for dinner or lunch, I tell you my favorite restaurants in the area.



My first suggestion, if you like meat, is Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote, a French brasserie that is very similar to the famous Cafè de Paris in Geneva.



You can eat just one thing here, the “entrecote” cooked in a fantastic sauce with a secret formula; it cames with frites and green salad.



The restaurant is a brasserie art deco style and it seems to be in Paris.



If you prefer a more British style, try Marylebone’s Ivy which, like all Ivy in the city, has a refined and very London touch.



And don’t forget the beautiful pubs here, very crowded at the office exit time.



If you like Fondue Savoiarde and Raclette, try Le Vieux Comptoir.



http://www.levieuxcomptoir.co.uk/Finally don’t forget that here in Marylebone there is one of the most popular clubs in London, where many celebrities are spotted, “Chiltern Firehouse”, opened by the well-known businessman Andrè Balasz, the same who created the Chateau Marmont in LA and TheStandard High Line in Manhattan.


To Recap


Don’t miss:



Wallace Collection; Sherlock Holmes Museum; Madame Tusseaud .



My favorites place to eat: Le Relais de Venise; Le Vieux Comptoire; Ivy; Chiltern Firehouse



Tube stop: Baker Street on Bakerloo Line or Bond Street on Central Line.



Marylebone in one word: classic



Did you enjoy exploring Marylebone with me?



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