If you want to try a different experience when you are in town, you can try a walk along the Regent’s Canal.

There are several parts of the Canal that have been renovated and are currently very easy to walk.

I’ll tell you here about the Canal walk between Angel (Islington) and Broadway Market.

Angel e Camden Passage

The starting point of my walk tour is Angel Tube Station on the Northern Line.

Before reaching the canal, however, you have to stop at this wonderful little street in Angel named Camden Passage.

Camden Passage si trova ad Angel e non è da confondere con Camden (Town) che è da tutt’altra parte.

It is a small and charming pedestrian street with the cobblestone floor and many vintage shops and “brocantage” stalls.

Here is what is perhaps my absolute favorite vintage shop in London, Annie’s Vintage, where you can find wonderful evening dresses from the 1920s (and many more).

In addition to the shops, there are also very nice cafeterias and small restaurants where you can stop for a light lunch.

My suggestion is to stop a little here before starting the walk along the canal.

To Regent’s Canal

The entrance to Regent’s Canal is a short walk from Camden Passage and is quite well indicated.

As soon as you enter the small entrance gate, you’ll find another world, made of nature, silence, houseboats and autumn colors.

You are in town, but it will seem to be in the countryside, with enchanting sceneries at every corner.

Houseboats’ life is very unusual and it’s authentic, not fake for tourists.

The houseboats are mostly moored, but it is not uncommon to see some of them moving, waiting to pass through the small locks, in a slow and relaxed mood, very different from the chaotic traffic of central London.

Some are turned into small cafes or other activities, but mostly they are houses and each is different from the other, reflecting the personality of its owner.

Angel to Broadway Market

This part of the canal is still under construction and renovation, but it keeps its authenticity.

I must say that, as often happens in London, I left home with the sun and when I arrived here, on the other side of the city, it started to rain and didn’t stop for a while during my walk.

But I live in London and I don’t care it if it rains, because sooner or later the sun always returns and walking along the river in the rain (wet feet apart) actually has a great charm.

Along the canal it is full of people jogging and / or cycling.

About halfway along the walk, you will meet a couple of small cafés with a very hipster atmosphere where to stop for a short break.

The view is beautiful and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed.

Broadway market

The walk can continue to Victoria Park, but I decided, due to wet feet, to stop at the Broadway Market, a very popular street due to its Saturday market.

The best day of the week for this walk is Saturday because you can enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the street market. But the street itself is still beautiful even during the week, with its hipster East London atmosphere that you can find in all the cafes and shops.

Don’t miss Ada Street with some beautiful murals that you can see in the pictures below.

All the info

For your convenience, I put here all the info about the Walk tour I mentioned.

Itinerary: from Angel (Islington) to Broadway Market (it takes about one hour and a half).

Starting point: Angel Tube Station on Northern Line.

End of the walk: Broadway Market (closest Tube Station Bethnal Green on Central Line).

Best day of the week: Saturday (due to the Broadway Market Street Market).

Don’t miss Annie’s Vintage in Camden Passage for a jump in the vintage twenties, Market Cafe at Broadway Market for an avocado toast in a true East London hipster club.

Did you enjoy walking around the Regent’s Canal with me? If you want to see more walk along the canal, check my blog post about the walk from Little Venice to Camden Town and my blog post about the walk from Camden Town to Angel.