This is an easy and romantic walk tour to do in London: Hampstead Village to Kenwood House

It’s a bit different from the usual touristic itineraries; it’s not too far from the City center, but, at the same time, in my opinion, it offers a very good opportunity to spend half a day out of traffic and congestion.

You can make it easily in half a day.

It starts from Hampstead Village and reaches Kenwood House, inside Hampstead Heat Park.

The starting point is Hampstead tube station on the Northern Line.

Hampstead Village

At your arrival, you’ll find the Hampstead Village, a little climb up the hill, quiet and charming, with that atmosphere of the perfect country village into the city typical of some parts of London.

Have you seen the movie Hampstead with Diane Keaton?

Then you know what I mean.

Go ahead on Main Street, surrounded by beautiful shops and brick houses, then turn left on The Flask Walk, the most pretty little street in the neighborhood.

Here you will find the antique market, the barbershop, the adorable flower shop with its artistic displays, the Italian ice cream, and, at the bottom on the right, a beautiful Parisian bistro, La Cage Imaginaire.

And in front of you, there is one of those colored pretty little doors that will make your day.

Go back to the main street and, just ahead, walk along another lovely street, on your right Perrin’s Ct.

Don’t forget to explore the lateral streets, because they are also full of surprises.

Go ahead along the road parallel to Main Street and stop to admire more colorful houses.

Then continue uphill until you reach the Holly Bush, one of the most romantic pubs in London, in my opinion.

If you have time, stop here for a beer or a quick lunch, enjoying the very romantic interiors.

Hampstead Heath Park

Reach Hampstead Heath Park along the uphill road that leads to Kenwood House.

It takes about half an hour to get to this beautiful mansion where some scenes of the Movie Notting Hill were filmed.

Do you remember when Julia Robert / Anna Scott was shooting a movie and William Tucker/ Hugh Grant visiting her on the set?

Here, that one.

The Hampstead Heat park is very impressive.

This is the kind of wild park that in some places looks like a forest and where once inside, the space-time dimension is lost and you completely forget to be in the middle of a city.

Somewhere you are surrounded by the vegetation and somewhere you have huge greens in front of you.

There are also parts completely wild

The unusual thing is the complete absence of city noises and the presence just of the sounds of the forest.

Stop at Kenwood House

Then, suddenly, appears Kenwood House, the beautiful and aristocratic white mansion with a huge green in front of it, full of school students sitting in the middle of the field drawing on their sketchbook.

Buy some sandwiches and bring a blanket and stop here for a romantic picnic.

Remember that picnic in London is everything, daytime, evening, sumptuous or minimal, with a vintage basket and champagne or a few sandwiches and a bag of chips.

The important thing is the picnic mood.

Walk along the park on the other side, returning to central London, towards Parliament Hill.

After a while, you will see the wonderful skyline of the city center in the background, behind the trees.

You can exit here and take the Tube at Gospel Oak or Kentish Town to go back to the City Center.

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