I am very happy to interview Lucia, blogger at “Stupisciti a Genova (e non solo)”.

Lucia is a tourist guide, a blogger and a photographer, and she knows Genova and Liguria as few people.

I would like to ask her some questions, in my opinion very useful for those who want to explore this beautiful city (which is also my hometown) and its surroundings, and not only visit the famous Aquarius of Genoa.

Genova Porto Antico

Hi Lucia, welcome on my blog Penna a Spillo.

My first question, in order to introduce you to my followers, is:

Stupisciti a Genova (e non solo) 

What’s your blog about?

My blog is about the beauty of Genova and Liguria … you know, we locals are always complaining, but I don’t want to definitely talk about what doesn’t work, and I love to share the wonderful things that happen to me living in Genova or walking around Liguria, instead. I love the idea of keep being amazed by a detail in a painting in a museum or by the landscape from the top of the hills overlooking the coast, by the kind hospitality and good food in some restaurants, by meeting people and chatting with them”

Tips for a long weekend

What do you suggest to visit in Genova during a long weekend?

Well, it’s a little bit obvious, but browsing around the Old Town can always surprise you; I’m used to saying that the Old Town in Genova is like an “open-air” museum … the decorated facades of the buildings, the stucco details, the portals carved in marble and slate … and the Museums … Museum of Strada Nuova (Via Garibadi), Museum of Nervi with his collections, the stunning Palazzo del Principe. Apart from the monuments, churches or private buildings, that you can find in every single travel Guide, you have to open the portals and go into the buildings to discover the Secret Genoa, the real heart of the city.

Genova Centro Storico

Three places in Genova that you don’t have to miss

Could you suggest us three places that in your opinion we don’t have to miss if we don’t have much time to spend in town?

I could say Santa Maria di Castello, full of history and art, a real combination of masterpieces; Chiesa del Gesù, an incredible example of Barocco paintings and decorations, where you can find two stunning paintings by Rubens; a walk around Via Garibaldi, to discover the secret gardens beyond the portals. Here I suggest you to visit the complex of the Museums (Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Tursi), and, after that, to climb the stairs till the first floor of Via Garibaldi 12, where you’ll find a nice design shop into an ancient apartment, decorated with wall paintings of the XV century and decorations of the XVII century.

Genova Via Garibaldi

But if you will ask me tomorrow, probably I would suggest three completely different places: the places to visit in Genova are so much that is very difficult to select just three of them … and, in the end, it depends on the interests of single people. Who loves art and architecture would love the masterpieces into Churches, Buildings and Museums; who likes to stay outdoors could go to Boccadasse, where, between small streets and the beach you can feel on holiday, while you are still in town, technically.

Genova Boccadasse

In the surroundings

If we have more time, instead, please Lucia, give us some tips for excursions in the surroundings.

Very close to the center of the town you can visit the stunning Parco di Villa Pallavicini, in Pegli, that has been recently nominated the most beautiful historic park in Italy in 2017. During blossom season the “Camellia garden” is really amazing and you can follow into the park the road originally realized by Marchese Pallavicini during the XVIII century.

On the other hand, in the direction of Riviera di Levante, you can go to Nervi and reach the top of the Sant Ilario’s hill, where you’ll have a wonderful panoramic view of Golfo Paradiso and Monte di Portofino.

Best places to take pictures.

Lucia, you are also an expert photographer.

What are, in your opinion, the best places to take pictures in Genova?

Well, a friend of mine, a professional photographer, is used to tell that the Old Town (Centro Storico) is a paradise for a photographer because you can have incredible opportunities everywhere … but for the best landscape’s picture, the best place is definitely Spianata di Castelletto, where you can have the best view of the town under the Belvedere, and where you can also taste the delicious Granita con Panna, at Don Paolo patisserie as well (for more info click the link below on Lucia’s blog post).

During the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, is possible to go to the first terrace of Lanterna, where you can take beautiful pictures of the Port and the town by the sea.

Genova Spianata Castelletto

(photo credits: Supisciti a Genova, Lucia’s blog)

What to taste in Genova

Last but not least, what do you suggest to taste when you are in Genova (and if you can, please tell us some of your favorites places to go)

First of all, Focaccia, also as a breakfast (for more info click the link below on Lucia’s blog post) …..; if possible with Milk and Coffe (and not Cappuccino), according to the ancient tradition.

Then Farinata, sitting in the historic restaurant Sa Pesta, Via dei Giustiniani 16, or take away in the Antica Friggitoria Carega, Sottoripa 113.

But don’t forget “pesto”, “pansoti with salsa di noci”, “minestrone genovese with pesto and brichetti (a kind of pasta)”, “torta pasqualina”


(photo credits: Stupisciti a Genova, Lucia’s blog)

You could also taste a huge range of desserts, such as “pandolce” raisins, pine nuts and candied fruit, a typical Christmas dessert, “quaresimali” with almond paste and without animal fats, typical Easter dessert.

One of the most important stops, for cake and sweets lovers, is Pasticceria Profumo, Via del Portello, corner Via Garibaldi.

Thank you very much, Lucia, your suggestions are so complete and precise; Genoa is my hometown, but I took notes because I’ve learned a lot, and in my first occasion, I must visit all the places that I’ve missed.

And if you want to discover more about Genova and Liguria, here is the link of Lucia’s Blog Stupisciti a Genova (e non solo)” www.stupiscitiagenova.it Have a look! And for the Italian version of my interview click here